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Havaianas officially strolled into the non-fungible token marketplace, dropping its first-ever collection in May of 2021. The brand partnered with Los Angeles-based, Brazilian artist Adhemas Batista on a series of digital NFT art pieces.

Since 2005, Batista has developed an extensive portfolio with Havaianas. This time around, the digital collection highlights the narrative between both the brand and the artist. Havaianas and Batista released five digital art pieces, depicting the collection’s theme of “Felicidade”, Portuguese for “happiness.” Batista revisited his history with Havaianas, citing some of his best moments with the brand.

Since the project was based in the same region where he was born and raised, the artist chose Favela Galeria to receive a percentage of the net profits collected by Havaianas in this NFT auction. Part of Batista’s payment from the sales went to the same institution – an open-air art museum located on the east side of Sao Paulo. The auction took place on May 12 of 2021 through Foundation.app/havaianas.

Happy Feet
NFT 1 / 5
Explosive happiness that starts from the feet and spreads to the body and soul. The collection evokes the partnership between HavaianasXAdhemas, it represents optimism and happiness.
A step to happiness
NFT 2 / 5
Embrace the opportunities given and make the most of it, your happiness might be just a step away.
Happy Citizen
NFT 3 / 5
Make plans as much as you want, you never know what path your life will take you and the surprises it can bring.
Happy Spring
NFT 4 / 5
Spring brings hope to those who are optimistic and energized by nature, and can look at the bright side of everything.
Happy Heels
NFT 5 / 5
The future is uncertain, full of possibilities. Let’s cherish our memories and keep moving forward, always with optimism.

Adhemas Batista © Selected Works from 1996-2023 — Los Angeles - CA