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Rafael Rizuto was a former ECD at TBWA’s 180LA when he decided to open his advertising agency back in 2017.  Our career paths have crossed a few times, and we worked on some remarkable campaigns, such as the Coca-Cola Fist Bump, the Unicef Unfairly Tales" campaign, winner of the Grand Prix for Good in Cannes 2016, and the "Asics Feel Fast" campaign in the first semester of 2017. As co-founder of the advertising agency "TBD," located in San Francisco, he invited me to create the visual identity system for the company. Today Rizuto has moved on to BBH NY, but I still love this brand identity I made for him.

TBD is an abbreviation often meaning in ordinary writing "to be discussed,” "to be done,” "to be defined,” "to be decided,” "to be determined,” etc. It is part of the agency's motto to be a "work in progress" company that adapts to the challenges and needs of its clients. So my challenge was to bring this philosophy to life. The three dots indicate that there is more to come; more thoughts and ideas are to be continued. Then I use the dots to build the visual system for the brand, creating the logo, a custom font, and graphic assets.

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